Because your self-care & happiness is important, Theraplay has partnered with Attentive Health to offer wellness supports available in the coming months, beginning with four on demand videos and prize raffles for watching. Happiness is integral to wellness so please take advantage of these opportunities designed to foster positive emotions in the coming months.

Click on the webinar titles below to view each webinar and be sure to complete the google form at the end of each to earn your raffle entry! Earn 1 raffle entry per video watched (up to 4) for a chance to win a Fitbit Inspire 2 Activity Tracker.  Be sure to submit your completion forms by Friday, December 31, 2021.  TWO winners will be selected in January 2022.

GET OFFLINE – UNPLUG & ZOOM OUT (Video Length: 17 minutes)

It has become increasingly difficult to unplug and it’s really not surprising that we are seeing an increase in health-related issues surrounding our devices. Join us to learn some staggering statistics as they relate to technology use and learn more about the physical, mental, emotional and social tolls that it can take on us.  Learn practical ways to create balance and make a plan to intentionally unplug each day.

STRESS FREE HOLIDAYS (Video Length: 13 minutes)

Most of us, in one way or another, deal with stress around the holidays. Whether its family expectations or agonizing over the perfect gift, we will provide practical tips on how you can enjoy the holiday season… without the anxiety.

HEALTHY HUMOR (Video Length: 12 minutes)

Laughter is powerful medicine! Studies show that laughing provides a wide variety of health-related benefits such as stress relief, improving your immune system, heart health, pain management, improved sense of overall well-being and more!  Join us for some comic relief and learn how tickling your funny bone can lead to a healthier and happier you!

SOOTHE YOUR STRESS (Video Length: 19 minutes)

Most of us struggle on a basis to cope with increasing demands in our time & resources. The result? Stress! Not only is it unpleasant to begin with, but stress is considered a root cause for a variety of degenerative and chronic illnesses. Learn more about the intimate connection between stress, digestion, metabolism, weight, and your overall health… including the dynamic connection between food & mood. Create an oasis in your daily life with both new & tried-and-true strategies to soothe your stress and nourish your overall sense of well-being.


More activities will be announced. In the meantime, you can explore our website to learn more about our story, the Five Areas of Wellness, and some resources that can help you build a better life.

Contact us with any questions — we’re here to help!