Health Coaching

it’s not just business, it’s personal.

At Attentive Health, we focus on being personal, and of course: attentive.  It’s no surprise that impersonal websites or toll-free numbers don’t get a lot of traction when it comes to private concerns such as health and lifestyle changes – we all tend to engage better with someone we know and trust. This is why we assign a specific health coach to your organization, someone who can become the “face” of the program and become a trusted resource, not only as a “guide on the side” for life & health challenges, but someone who will also help employees navigate your program options.

Our coaches work with employees one-on-one or in groups, onsite, telephonically, or even via videoconference… whatever best meets the needs & interests of your organization.

  • Personal Health Assessments (paper or electronic)
  • Biometric Screenings
  • 1:1 Goal-Setting Meetings
  • Individual Health Coaching
  • Group Programs: Weight, Tobacco, Stress