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Spring Clean Your Diet

Want more energy, a clearer mind and a body that is ready to tackle the day? Then a spring-cleaning of your diet might be just what you need!
We all know how good it feels this time of year to clean out the winter’s clutter from our homes. A few simple activities can help you refresh your diet and welcome spring with not only a cleaner house, but a healthier body and mind.

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A Time for Planting…

Spring is finally here! And not only is the warmer weather an inspiration to get outside and be more active, it’s also an important time of year for food. It’s the season for planting… and planning. Which is why now is the time of year to plan ahead and take action if you want to save money on groceries this year while getting the freshest local fruits & veggies on your plate.

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Chronic Dehydration

Most people think that dehydration is something that happens to travelers in the desert who run out of water. Although that sort of thing happens once in awhile, chronic dehydration affects as much as 75% of Americans. Not thirsty? That may not matter. Chronic dehydration actually blunts the body’s natural sense of thirst over time.

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