our story

Back in 2006, our founder Denise Lantz found herself suffering from multiple health conditions, many relating to obesity and improper nutrition. Over the course of about 18 months, Denise made significant changes to her diet and lifestyle, losing approximately 30% of her body weight and overcoming a range of health issues. Her experience with affecting a dramatically healthier life for herself led to her wanting to “pay it forward” and do the same for others, which is why Attentive Heath uses similar holistic approaches and theories to help clients integrate change into their lives.


our approach

The mission of Attentive Health is to provide long-term wellness solutions aimed at transforming the health, vitality and quality of life for people and their corporate cultures. With 70% of chronic illnesses driven by behavior, we specialize in initiatives that encourage and support healthy behaviors in a measurable, lasting way. We do this by integrating wellness into the busy schedules of modern, everyday people and provide them with tools to build a better life…

our brand

The Attentive Health brand was inspired by our integrative & personalized approach. Our logo is made up of five key elements, which represent the Five Areas of Wellness we address: Nutrition, Fitness, Relationships, Career & Finance, and Spiritual Wellbeing – as well as other components of our plans, theories & services. In fact, there are many times in the wellness space that we see the number five come up: food groups, stages of change, Chinese element theory, our senses – just to name a few.


Much in the way that our work incorporates elements of both science and creativity, the icons in our logo are reminiscent of Spirographs, which themselves blend artistic beauty with mathematical certainty.


Our integrated logotype (above) represents wellness in action by showcasing the changing balance of these five areas in order to achieve success. Similarly, our icon logotype (below) can be modified to show the change in emphasis from organization to organization or person to person, by leading with a different, but specific element.

But perhaps most importantly, the Attentive Health brand highlights the fact that each of us are ourselves unique & dynamic works of art… So the question is: what does your wellness look like?