Behavioral Health

it’s about more than just a mind / body connection.

Our partnership with Penn Foundation offers the community a revolutionary Employee Assistance Program (EAP): blending a high-touch wellness program with traditional behavioral health services for a more complete “whole person” approach.

We understand that people are more than just “calories in, calories out” which is why our approach includes Five Areas of Wellness: Nutrition, Fitness, Relationships, Career/Finance, and Wellbeing. In an effort to provide our clients with expanded access to supportive resources in the Relationships and Wellbeing areas, we’ve partnered with Penn Foundation, a large, not-for-profit behavioral health organization. This partnership is focused on integrating our approach to corporate wellness with Penn Foundation’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through a program we call “Elevate”.

Integrating the two programs strengthens the effectiveness of both. By being on the “front lines” with employees, evaluating and discussing the health of the whole person, our health coaches are in a unique position to identify needs proactively and make referrals to the EAP which are personal and more likely to be followed-up on. The relationship between our two organizations also provides our health coaches with immediate access to a professional resource for those with complex behavioral health concerns that go beyond the scope of what a coach is trained to provide. This exciting partnership will provide employees and their families with a truly integrated set of supports around physical and mental/behavioral health, and indeed “elevate” their quality of life.

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