lifelong learning for modern, everyday people.

We always tell people that our approach to wellness is very practical because, well, it has to be! We know healthy living only works when it works for YOU. The educational opportunities we provide are crafted for modern, everyday people – busy people with jobs and kids and committees and dinners and soccer practice. The seminars/webinars and educational materials we provide to our clients are designed to offer simple (and practical) strategies for integrating healthy living into busy lives, and they provide resources from our 5 Areas of Wellness (nutrition, fitness, relationships, career & finance, and wellbeing).

We also believe that learning should be energetic, interactive, and focus on actually applying the information, which is why we also use unconventional as well as traditional approaches. For example, our wellness challenges & contests make use of gamification as a way to increase engagement and habit-building through achievable goals, supportive tools & resources, and an opportunity to put concepts into practice… Who says learning can’t be fun?

These are just a few of the ways we present opportunities for learning:

  • Onsite seminars
  • Live & playback webinars
  • Print & electronic media
  • Wellness challenges / contests
  • Leadership training