Incentive Programs

good health is a vehicle, not a destination.

We can all use a little extra motivation to make healthier choices; however, wellness incentive programs are not ONLY about motivation. Our approach to incentive programs is also about making connections –  connections between all of the different things people do to support their health. We’ve created a simple and flexible incentive structure called the Passport to Health™ which organizes all wellness activities (education, health coaching, physical activity, preventive care, etc.) under one umbrella.

The Passport to Health™ is our flagship program for delivering corporate wellness programs which are aligned with your business goals and attuned to your culture. Learn more about the Passport to Health™ here.

  • Participation-focused & flexible
  • Annual or Quarterly goals
  • Online portal and print materials
  • Multi-language support
  • Spouse & family-friendly programs available
  • Optional outcomes-based rewards
  • “Net Zero” incentive funding options