Passport to Health

The Passport to Health™ is a flexible wellness incentive structure we created to help organizations engage and reward their employees for making healthy choices in their lives. We use this structure to bring clarity to each organization’s wellness goals and provide coherence by bringing all wellness activities under one umbrella.


We work together with organizations to build wellness programs that meets their goals, not ours. Wellness programs that are too rigid or pre-packaged are not attuned to the important differences in organizational strategy, goals, and culture that should inform program design.

The Passport to Health™ can be designed as a points-based or requirement-based incentive program, with annual or quarterly deadlines. These options provide significant flexibility to focus on certain activities and behaviors; and present the incentive structure in a simple, easy-to-communicate format.

best practices

We are firmly committed to advancing best practices in the organizations we work with. Though we elevate the importance of flexibility in program design, we always advocate for certain core elements of a high-quality, comprehensive wellness program.  In particular, we believe that health coaching should be a centerpiece of high quality wellness programs – providing the one-to-one interaction and support needed to achieve meaningful behavior change.

making connections

The Passport to Health™ is a tool designed to help individuals and organizations connect behavior to health and wellness. For individuals this means providing opportunities and support to improve personal behaviors. For organizations, this means drawing a tangible focus on the connection between the health and wellness of individuals and the health of the organization.

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