Miller’s Textile Services 2019 WELLNESS PROGRAM

In 2019, Miller’s Textile Services is kicking off a new employee benefit: a personalized wellness program for all associates, beginning with introductory activities to provide a foundation for future years of the program and help us get to know each other.

Of course, the best benefits of focusing on wellness are enjoying your life, and doing more of the things you love. That said, most of us could use some extra encouragement to make our health a priority! You have the opportunity to earn a $600 – $1,200 wellness credit in 2020!

You can earn a wellness credit toward healthcare premiums by completing the CONFIDENTIAL activities below.

The credit is $50 per month for employees ($11.54 per week, up to $600 per year) OR $100 per month ($23.08 per week, up to $1,200 per year) if BOTH the employee and their covered spouse complete their required activities.


The first year of the PASSPORT TO HEALTH is focused on learning more about where you’re starting from & what your interests are.

To earn your wellness credit in 2020, activities must be completed by November 30, 2019.

The good news is: these activities are easy to complete at NO COST to you, will not take much time, and your personal information will NOT be shared with Miller’s, or anyone else.

Employees @ Wapakoneta:

Employees at the Miller’s headquarter location will complete:

1. Confidential Health Survey

(a brief survey to reflect on your wellness & help us get to know you better)

2. Onsite Biometric Screening

Have your cholesterol and blood sugar tested onsite @ Wapakoneta on October 9 – 10th.

3. Onsite Physician Check In with Dr. Jose

Meet with Dr. Jose at Miller’s Wapakoneta to review lab results, check your blood pressure & body composition, and complete a tobacco affidavit.

Covered Spouses & Employees @ Depot Locations:

Employee’s at Depot locations and covered spouses on the Miller’s benefit plan will complete:

1. Confidential Health Survey

(a brief survey to reflect on your wellness & help us get to know you better)

2. Routine Annual Physical

(with weight/body composition, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar)

Get a routine physical by November 30, 2019 or send us proof of a checkup you’ve had since December 1, 2018. To help us get to know you better, a copy of your basic biometrics from that visit would be helpful, but not required (ideally to include blood pressure, weight, cholesterol & blood sugar).

  • Click here to download the form with instructions for your doctor’s office.
  • send us other documentation of your visit and/or results:
    FAX:  215.734.2333
    MAIL: Attentive Health LLC |  P.O. Box 61  | Telford PA 18969


Click here to view a brief webinar introducing the Miller’s Textile wellness program.


More activities will be announced as the program evolves in the coming year. In the meantime, you can explore our website to learn more about our story, the Five Areas of Wellness, and some resources that can help you build a better life.

Contact us with any questions — we’re here to help!