Eating Healthy on a Budget

“Eating Healthy on a Budget” has been the topic of two recent Attentive Health workshops — first on July 1 to employees of Lacher & Associates in Souderton, PA and again on July 9th to members of the Lower Bucks County chapter of “Powerful You!”, a local women’s networking group. During a tough economy, these sorts of topics are always apropos, but in this case, the information turned out to be timely in another sense: helping attendees learn more about the real cost of food.

As it turns out, Denise Lantz, who presented the workshops, happened to be in Washington D.C. during the debut of the documentary film “Food, Inc.” — an attempt to raise awareness among the general public about the nature of the US food industry. While films of this nature are inherently biased on some level, there is something to be said for the points the film makes about hidden costs and unintended consequences of mass food production in the United States. Everything from food safety and health concerns to economic debates and political issues are covered by the film’s producers.

The bottom line? Try not to be penny wise and pound foolish. Among the many cost-saving tips are reminders of how fortunate we are these days, ways to be smart about how we spend our food dollars, and a call to vote with our forks for better quality food in the future… good common sense information that we can all benefit from.