Attentive Health teams up with Fox Chase Cancer Center to Celebrate Women

FCCCThe keynote address was given by L.Y. Marlow, the author of “Color Me Butterfly” and included a moving story of women overcoming abuse and preventing continued generations of domestic violence. Lori Wilson, co-host of “The 10 Show” on NBC-10, and Doug Henderson, Jr. of Philadelphia radio fame, were also in attendance to M.C. the event & provide encouraging messages of support.

Denise’s expertise was called on as part of a panel discussion on cancer prevention. Her presentation focused on whole foods eating & the importance of diet and lifestyle as it relates to chronic illness. Other panelists addressed cancer prevention topics specific to women and minorities. Denise was also on-site to talk to individual participants while they awaited various donated services, including chair massages, makeovers, and drawings for other special giveaways.

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