Benefits Conference Webcast

Online “Virtual Conference”

Part of a 2-day online conference on “Benefits: Cost Containment, Audits and Legal Risks”, this 1-hour webcast is aimed at HR Executives & Wellness Program Managers who are getting started in wellness, or evaluating the direction of their wellness efforts & interested in taking their programs to the next level. The broad nature of this discussion would benefit small to mid-sized organizations in particular.

This session will elaborate on ways to make health management a truly strategic initiative, and connect its net impact to current trends in the benefits insurance industry. The discussion will focus on the business case for health management, including best practices for employee engagement, ways to address budget concerns, and how to truly quantify the return-on-investment.

Leading the discussion will be Denise G. Lantz, PHR, CHC-AADP and Mark Lacher, CIC of Lacher & Associates. Lacher & Associates is a client and partner of Attentive Health LLC, and Mark and his team have worked closely with Denise and Attentive Health in meeting the wellness & health management needs of their clients for the past several years. Together, they have a great story to tell about both the current and future trends in the insurance and health management industries.

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